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  • Airotic in the Context of Aiciety

    Airotic in the Context of Aiciety

    The term “airotic” is a neologism derived from the combination of “artificial intelligence” (AI) and “erotic.” It describes a new dimension of human intimacy and eroticism facilitated or enhanced by AI technologies. Within the framework of “aiciety”—an interdisciplinary field that examines the profound and pervasive influence of AI on society—airotic phenomena represent a significant area…

  • What is AIrotic?

    What is AIrotic?

    The term “airotic” serves both as a noun and an adjective to describe the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) with eroticism. As a noun, “airotic” refers to technologies and experiences where AI is used to create, enhance, or simulate intimate or sexual interactions. In the context of aiciety—the interdisciplinary study of AI’s pervasive impact on…